Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Complicate Life?

How I see this life.

I just don't understand why some people prefer to:

missing somebody? ----- wait for him/her to call. bila tak call, JK.

wanna meet up? ----- wait for him/her to invite. bila tak di invite, JK.

wanna be understood? ----- remain silent. not even single explanation given. expect him/her to "paham2 sendiri". wtf?

have questions? ----- don't ask. making your own assumption. making your own summary.

don't like something? ----- don't say it. konon bersabar, give & take.

like something? ----- don't state it. pendam.

want something? ----- don't ask for it. don't even give a try. banyak berfikir, banyak alasan. takut mengambil risiko, afraid to be hurt.

love someone? ----- but don't tell him/her. how on earth that they supposed to know?? do you think that they have some kind of psychokinetic power? can read your fucking mind?

Be simple. You'll never know.
Don't think too much. Leave it to God. He will do the rest.

p/s: JK stands for Jiwa Kacau. Peace.

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