Friday, January 27, 2012

10 Reasons To Love Julian Casablancas



1. Julian Casablancas is the vocalist of The Strokes.

2. He comes up with the music and the lyrics.

3. His unique voice and songwriting skills combine to make The Strokes one of the greatest bands of today.

4. His mother is former miss Denmark and his father is the founder of 'Elite' modelling agency.

5. He is known to be an "I don't give a fuck" kind of guy but there is so much more to him.

6. He is half Danish half Spanish.

7. He got wonderful eyes ever, one of the most wonderful voices ever, the most charisma I've ever seen on stage, and the coolest way to hold a microphone!

8. His lyrics are original and intriguing.

9. He's got the right attitude for where he is now, and when it comes to interviews, the boy's got wit.

10. Julian is a symbol of a generation of hipsters and people who know good music.

He is he sexiest man to walk the earth. His voice is so extremely orgasmic.o_O

Ok dah!

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