Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Toy: La Sardina Domino

Lomography is part of my life. :)

Salah satu analogue kamera yang aku gilakan ialah La Sardina Pattern Addition. Super cool owh.

This is the 35mm film camera. Features:
  • an awesome 22mm wide angle plastic lens
  • MX switch and rewind knob - for multiple exposure 
  • unique design
  • 2 focusing settings. Close up & scenery
  • bulb setting for long exposure

Package includes:
  • one La Sardina camera
  • one La Sardina book
  • one La Sardina lens cover
  • instruction manual

Unique designs to choose:

Finally i got one of these. Jyeahh! Cuba teka yang mana satu aku punya? :D Jeng jeng jeng

mine is DOMINO!

I love CUBIC as well tapi masa nak beli yang CUBIC out of stock pulak. My next aim is Diana Mini. Tapi sebelum tu kena beli Fritz The Blitz flash dulu.

Okay! I'm ready to shoot nice picture now. Bye for now.

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